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Series A, List of new Austrian publications


The Austrian bibliography is published by the Austrian National Library, thereby fulfilling its legal remit pursuant to Sec. 15(3) of the Library Regulations.

The Austrian bibliography, series A, includes all of the media works published or printed in Austria which are supplied to the Austrian National Library as so-called » Obligatory copies pursuant to Austrian media law. It records monographs and periodicals, geographical maps and musical prints regardless of their publication form (i.e. printed editions) as well as electronic issues and multimedia works. Sound and video recordings are not subject to the media law. In the case of periodicals (i.e. newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and loose-leaf editions), only the first-time publication, a major title change or the discontinuation of publication are shown. Series A of the Austrian bibliography appears twice a month, while geographical maps and musical prints are published retrospectively as annual special editions.

The Austrian bibliography, series A, has been available as an online publication for you to access free of charge since 2003, and replaces the print edition appearing up to then. Originally offered as a database, it has only appeared in a PDF format since 2013. Please use the » Catalogue for more comprehensive research.

Series B, List of Austrian university publications

The List of Austrian university publications, series B, appeared as its own printed edition from 1987 until 1999. Today, you can find all Austrian university publications via the tab » University publications in the network search engine.

Series C, Recent foreign Austriaca

The printed edition of Series C, Recent foreign Austriaca, was discontinued in 1991 (year of publication 1999). Using the search engine » QuickSearch with the filter "Bibliographie", you can type in the search term “OeBC” to find all foreign Austriaca from 1992, as well as works published earlier but only acquired by the Austrian National Library after 1991. 

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