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In the Papyrus Museum, we provide a representative overview of the many holdings of the » Department of Papyri.

The focus of the exhibits is on the period from 15 BC to 16 AD. The content transported by the objects, which illustrate the respective topic by way of example, extends across an equally wide period.

On the one hand, we present you with copies of works from Egyptian, Greek and Latin literature, as well as the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible, the Quran and other religious texts.

On the other hand, we showcase papyrus documents of cultural and historical interest, that provide you with an overview of the wide range of everyday texts from ancient Greek and Roman times, as well as the early Byzantine and Arab middle ages.

What are referred to as semi-literary documents constitute a third group of papyrus texts. These include, for instance, magical and ritual texts, writings on astrology, natural science and medicine.

You can find more information in the » Museum Policy.

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