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Eine Besucherin und eine Besucher bestaunen eine Vitrine im Prunksaal

At the last online voting we traveled with you "in Sisi's footsteps". Three extraordinary objects from the Picture Archives and Graphics Department of the Austrian National Library were available – and you decided: “Woerl’s Travel Manual – Austro­Hungarian City Guide” is expected to be shown mid of July 2020 at the State Hall.

Object 2: “Woerl’s Travel Manual – Austro­Hungarian City Guide”

Coffer of 22 travel guides, 1884–1887

Travelling was Empress Elisabeth’s great passion, but at the same time it was always a way to escape from the Imperi- al Court. In the 1950s, part of Elisabeth‘s private library came into the possession of the Austrian National Library, inclu- ding a larger collection of her travel guides such as this wine-red coffer with a total of 22 travel guides to cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The red linen ribbons with gold embossing seem even today to be brand-new, and were proba- bly a gift from the publishing house to the fifty-year-old Empress with a love of travelling. The volumes published by Leo Woerl date from the period 1884 to 1887. Between 1884 and 1887, the Empress actually stayed in only three places co- vered by the 22 guides: Budapest, Ischl and Gastein.


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